If you own a smartphone, doesn’t matter what kind, you have heard of Angry Birds. The game is available across all market places, the makers have collaborated with movie producers, they were named the #1 developer of 2012, they got their logo on the helmet of a Formula 1 driver and Angry Birds is the most downloaded/famous app right now. So what’s next for this crack team from Finland? An animated series of course! You heard that right. Angry Birds is to be turned into an animated series, game designers Rovio have confirmed. The successful smartphone app will be made into 52 short episodes that will be released on “all possible platforms”. The company first revealed it was working on a series of short videos last October. The animated series is expected to be released this Fall. A film version of the game also in the works, first announced in 2011, will not be released until at least 2015.
Rovio, the maker of the Angry Birds franchise, which is based in Finland, bought an animation studio based in Helsinki last year to work on projects outside gaming. Angry Birds has now been downloaded more than 700 million times across all platforms and its latest game, Angry Birds Space, is number one in nearly 100 app stores across the world.
Which version are you currently playing?

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