If you have ever watched The Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, then here is your chance to be a part of that lifestyle if only for a few days. Everyone likes toys and the super rich are no different. The Top Marques Monaco 2012 show incorporates the best of the best from the supercar, watchmaker and superboat world. This ranks among the most prestigious supercar shows in the world. And the difference is not only do you get to see the cars, you can also test drive them. Makes sense considering most of the attendees will almost certainly be present for the Formula 1 Grand Prix de Monaco (which is THE most prestigious race) is about a month away.
Manufacturers from all over the world showcase the best they have to offer at this uber-event. We are going dizzy just by looking at the attendee list this year: For example, Pagani will bring the Huayra to Monaco. Koenigsegg will be present with the powerful Agera R, Spano will be back with the GTA, Roding will show their lightweight Roadster, and Savage will unveil the Rivale GTR. The hand built Renovatio T500 from Slovian car maker Tushek will makes its world premiere in the principality.
The show runs from April 19th to April 22nd at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco. If you are unable to pack your bags and get there in time, stay tuned with the News Coverage from the event! Here is a teaser to wet your appetite 🙂
Savage Rivale GTR at Monaco

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