This is a problem that is quite prevalent these days. So many different sources, many different formats and folders, missing cover arts and inconsistent naming conventions. I’m referring to your digital music collection! Thankfully there are several applications out there that can help solve your predicament. Here are some of the more widely used applications:
  1. Media Monkey
  2. eJukeBox
  3. Music Match
  4. iTunes
  5. Winamp
  6. Windows Media Center
I’ve tried most of them but then found another application which is an add-on to iTunes or Windows Media Player which works best (I use it with iTunes). It is called Tune Up companion. You can check out their website at http://www.tuneupmedia.com/. The application does three main things (see the screenshots below):
  1. Clean and fix missing song information
  2. Identify cover art
  3. Remove duplicates tracks

The application first analyzes all or a selected portion of your collection and determines the changes required (if any) to the tracks. Then you can apply the changes individually or en masse. I wouldn’t say it is very fast (but it isn’t too slow either) since with a 2GB, core i5 machine and a collection of about 150GB it took about 7 hours of analyzing and committing changes to the tracks. That isn’t too bad. The time taken to identify missing cover art is fairly similar to fixing missing song information. The de-duping functionality is superb and it sets the duplicates aside with their own tags. All changes can be reverted if needed.

Sadly the demo version only gives you the ability to make these changes to 50 tracks. The full version costs $39.95 per year or you can buy each module separately (clean, cover art, de-dupe) for $19.95 per year. Bottom line, it works very well and is very handy… if you are willing to fork out the cash for it.

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