The Palar Challenge is known as India’s Toughest 4X4 Off-Road Competition. And for good reason. The mixture of hard sand, soft sand, clay, slush, rocks, climbs and drops makes for quite the spectacle and challenge for competitors. The 2013 edition was truly a national event with teams being represented from Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Punjab! From very humble beginnings with just 6 teams, The Palar Challenge has come to its own with 26 different teams from different parts of the country.
There were a number of firsts in this edition of TPC. Beginning with the first time ever that we saw almost non-stop rain to the fact that the competition was won by a team competing at TPC for the first time, the wide range of terrain sure made for quite the challenge for all teams participating. With a mixture of near stock vehicles to completely competition prepped vehicles, it was also quite the sight for the participants and spectators alike!
It was heartwarming to see teams who participated from outside the region. Beginning with Team Gerrari who fielded 2 teams and had their vehicles trucked in all the way from Chandigarh (and with their we can do attitude) to Team Coorg who’s relaxed and laid back style, it was truly a joy to see such diverse driving styles. We also cannot forget the team from Pune, the Pathfinders, the BODA boys from Bangalore, and the Hyderabad Jeepers who put their heart and soul into the event. Despite several challenges in the 3 days, they fixed their vehicles in the rain and darkness and still trucked on without losing their focus one bit. The same holds true for the boys from KTM Jeepers who we are sure would have been in contention for top honors hadn’t it been for some minor mishaps along the way. The event also saw it’s only female driver who braved it all for 3 days and made it to the finish line. The list would be incomplete without the inclusion of legendary Rally Driver Mr. Jagat Nanjappa who was competing as part of the second Coorg team. It was truly an honor to watch a legend compete in the event. And finally to the local boys, Triveni for completing the entire event without a single breakdown. That in itself is something to be proud of. Palar is known to demand a sacrifice every time you set out and it was no different this time either. Even the marshals have faced several challenges during recces.
The Palar Challenge is truly a test of man and machine and considering the interest and participation in TPC 2013, it will be great to see the turnout for the event in 2014. Mark your calendars everyone!

Here are some of the videos that we took during the event:

You can also check out the Official TPC Facebook Page here.

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