The Aston Martin DB series is one of the most iconic cars in automotive history, partly due to the fact that it is James Bond’s vehicle of choice, and due to Aston’s own racing pedigree. The DB9 grand tourer is a combination of suave, sexy, muscle and elegance in a gorgeously well sorted package. With a 6.0 L naturally aspirated V12 putting out 510HP and a colossal 620 Nm of torque, the DB9 is no slouch and crosses the 60mph mark a little over the 4.5 second mark all the way up to a top speed of 183mph. Not bad for a GT car that weighs almost 1800 kilos!
The latest version of the DB9 took an extraordinary collaborative effort to achieve. Nearly 50% of all parts and more than 70% of all body panels are new, but it is as timeless and elegant as ever. Judging by the looks alone, it looks like Aston Martin took a some of the best elements from the previous DBS and the Virage and have incorporated it into the newest package. The fanatic attention to detail is not just on the outside though. The interior is absolutely gorgeous and the occupants are

cocooned in absolute luxury. Master designers worked with expert craftsmen and produced a level of fit and finish unheard of in a Grand Tourer. Take the flowing leather welts – custom made by hand in new facilities, the control switches – made of real glass, the leather – the finest Bridge of Weir hides. The result? The most luxurious Aston Martin DB9 in history.

We could keep going on and on and on about how beautiful the DB9 looks, or how they used the ‘Golden Ratio’ in the design out of the exterior, or what a glorious exhaust note the DB9 has but seeing is believing. Take a look at the video below. You know the drill… lights out, speakers up!

To know more about the DB9, check out their website.

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