It has been 4 years since the ailing Jaguar Land Rover was sold to one of India’s biggest industrial giants, Tata Motors. Since then Tata has spent billions on improving the famed automakers and the fruits of their labor have been paying off. Big time. Under their oversight, JLR has been churning out award winning models like the Jaguar XF and the Range Rover Evoque while increasing sales across the world and the number of employees at their factories in the United Kingdom. The sales figures were released today and they look great.
Retail sales were up 27% to 305,859 units, with parent, Tata Motors, attributing the significant increase to strong demand from China and other emerging markets like India and Brazil. Chinese sales jumped 76% to 50,994. The UK is still the biggest market followed closely by the USA, China, Russia and Germany. The increase was not just to the sales figures and profit margin of Jaguar Land Rover but to the that of Tata Motors as well. Oh yeah, profits are up 34%. Now that’s a good investment.

It is quite a feat that has been accomplished in a relatively short time span and considering the accolades that are being bestowed on the current models, it looks like the fairy tale will definitely continue in the years to come. The upcoming models don’t look shabby either. We look forward to testing out the Freelander 2, the updated Range Rover and the Range Rover Sport.

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