If you have been reading the site, we decided to go on a road trip to test out some hot hatchbacks. We also posted a review of the first hatchback we tested, the Fiat Punto. Thus far we have also tested the Toyota Etios and our impressions will be posted in a separate article. After we left Mumbai, we were supposed to head to Jaipur but along the way we decided to take a detour to Ranthambore. This place is famous for its National Wildlife Park and rugged terrain and we took a Maruti Gypsy along for the ride. We were so impressed by its handling over some brutally rugged terrain that we are going to do a review of this workforce of the Indian wilderness.
During our trip thus far, especially at Ranthambore, we came across some jungle tracks, grassland, paved roads, unpaved roads and the whole nine yards. Though unexpected, it is great since we got to witness some gorgeous natural landscapes, review a vehicle not on our initial list and just have a good time in general. We will be posting our photos from our trip once we return to Chennai in a couple of days.
The other item of interest that we are testing is the use of a smartphone instead of a notebook while on the road. Initial impressions: Yes you can use a smartphone instead of a notebook but you need to be patient. Really patient. The slow internet speeds in some of the places we have been will really test your patience as well as the fact that you will have to switch across multiple applications quite often just to do a task that would probably take you a tenth of the time on a notebook. But we will still keep at it and post our impressions.
We have included a link to a video for your viewing pleasure. We had an unexpected visitor we encountered during our journey. Hope you enjoy it!

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