It is not every day you come across over close to 4 million dollars worth of Porsches in the same place at the same time. Let alone in India. Do keep in mind the prices paid in India for premium models such as Porsche are taxed about 160% on top of the base price. Which makes the cost of premium model ownership in India a very, very expensive proposition. Only reserved for the ultra-wealthy. And being part of such an ultra exclusive club also comes with disadvantages. Primarily, the lack of service centers for these beauties. Fortunately for the lucky few, Porsche tied up with the folks at IgNite the garage in Chennai for a 3 day workshop where Porsche owners could bring in their vehicles and get them checked out. Services included minor oil changes to major parts replacement as well.
The workshop saw a few local owners with their vehicles while others had their vehicles trucked in from as far as Mumbai. Porsche Bengaluru’s entire service team (they actually shut down their service center in Bengaluru for the duration of the event!) was ready and setup at the IgNite premises and the technical head from Porsche India was also present. It was quite the site to see so many Cayennes and 911s all lined up awaiting their turn under the wrench. It also gave owners and gawkers a chance to mingle with the guys from Porsche and pick their brains a bit. We were surprised to hear about the rate at which Porsches are flying off the showroom floors. Doesn’t matter how much cash you have or which model you are looking for, you are still going to have to wait for a few weeks just to get your hands on one! A few years ago, if someone had told us this (let alone the fact that there were so many Porsches in the same place), we would have laughed our behinds off. Still, it is definitely a sign of the times. Globalization is on in full force.
Check out a few shots from the workshop here.

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