If you are an automobile fan, then you have heard of Pagani. They don’t just make cars, they make works of Art. Be it the Zonda, the Zonda F, the Zonda R or the Huayra, the common theme is they look beautiful, sound absolutely amazing and have the performance to boot. It will surprise most people that this almost mom and pop shop is situated close to the factories of two of the biggest names in the automotive industry, Ferrari and Lamborghini. It also goes to show you if you dream big, and work hard, dreams do come true. But enough of us going on and on about Pagani, here is an inside look at Pagani, what they are about and how they do it. Sit back, relax and turn up those speakers. You aren’t going to want to miss this.

Source: Jalopnik
And here is how the latest offering from Pagani, the Huayra, was conceived and built from scratch.

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