One of the oldest automotive manufacturers in the world, Mercedes-Benz has been known for their innovative safety features for a very long time. A number of features introduced by MB end up becoming a standard in all cars down the line. A perfect example is the safety belt. Mercedes-Benz is owned by Daimler AG, which was formed by the merger of Karl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler’s companies in the 1920s. Karl Benz created the first petrol powered car way back in 1886 so Mercedes has a long history of producing automobiles. As part of the Daimler AG company, the Mercedes-Benz Cars division includes Mercedes-Benz, Smart and Maybach car production.

The Mercedes star was supposed to symbolize motorization on land, on water and in the air. In 1872 when Gottlieb Daimler marked a star above his then house on a picture postcard of Cologne-Deutz, little did he know that with just a few strokes of his pencil he had laid the foundations for one of the world’s most famous trademarks: the Mercedes star. In 1909, some 37 years later, it just so happened that Gottlieb Daimler’s sons remembered the postcard while thinking about a logo for the Daimler-Motoren-Gesellschaft. Just another year later, the star appeared for the first time on a Daimler car. Its final form, to be found as a badge on every Mercedes-Benz, became a registered trademark in 1923.

Mercedes has been involved in almost every form of motor racing for a very long time. A lot of their racing experience goes into the production of high performance machines for the street. Mercedes-AMG GmbH, commonly known as AMG, is a subsidiary of the Mercedes-Benz car company which specializes in high performance luxury cars. AMG models are typically the most expensive and highest performance of each Mercedes class. Their latest offering is the SLS AMG and is designed to be a modern interpretation of one of the most iconic MB cars ever produced, the 300SL Gullwing. Here is a 60 second clip of what the SLS AMG is all about!

The video below shows the production of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG.

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