McLaren, an iconic name in Formula 1 racing, maker of the legendary McLaren F1 was established in 1989 as a producer of road cars based on Formula 1 technology. The McLaren F1 was the company’s first car, a supercar that would go 0-60 mph in 3 seconds. Priced at approximately $1,000,000, it was the world’s fastest car for many years, with a top speed of just over 240MPH. The F1 was a three seat coupe with the driver situated in the middle of the car. The car was designed by Gordon Murray, who also designed competitive formula one race cars for McLaren. Producing 627HP, the V12 engine was designed and built by BMW. Production of the original F1 began in 1992. The LM model was then introduced in 1995, followed by the GT model in 1997. Production of the McLaren F1 drew to a close in May 1998, with a total production of 100 cars. In 1999, McLaren agreed to design and manufacture the SLR in conjunction with Mercedes-Benz. The final stages of production of the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren take place at a unique assembly facility at the McLaren Technology Centre (MTC) in Woking.
After a long hiatus, the company is back with their latest offering, the MP4-12C. Everything about the MP4 has been built and developed by McLaren in-house. The state of the art facility at Woking, where the MP4 is built, is itself a work of art and houses all of McLaren’s business divisions. With all personnel clad in Hugo Boss and the floors so clean you can literally eat right off them, the attention to detail, small or large, is absolutely stunning. This is a place we would love to work at… which is exactly the idea behind the MTC. Take a look at the video below, it will give you an idea of how the MTC operates and how the MP4-12C is built… to perfection.

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