It is hard to imagine a little mom and pop shop can give multi-billion dollar corporations with decades of experience in automotive design and production a run for their money. Enter a small Swedish car manufacturer from the city of Ängelholm named Koenigsegg that has taken conventional wisdom and turned it upside down. The vision and dream of one man, Christian von Koenigsegg, to create the perfect Supercar was the genesis of the brand. And it is his continued vision to push the limits as far as possible that keeps Koenigsegg at the forefront of the supercar group with their latest offering, the eye-popping 250mph Agera. Oh and they also happened to build the first ‘green’ Hypercar, the CCXR, that could run on normal gasoline or E85/E100 biofuel.
The factory is located at the Ängelholm airport, and clients can arrive by private jet right next to the factory. Furthermore, Koenigsegg controls and uses the former military runway for shakedown runs of production cars and high speed testing. The Koenigsegg badge was designed in 1994 by Jacob Låftman, based on the shield of the Koenigsegg family. The phantom insignia on the Koenigsegg’s rear window is a tribute to a squadron from the Swedish air force wing F 10 Ängelholm, which had the ghost as its emblem.
The philosophy at Koenigsegg is one focused solely on performance. This mantra is very evident in the painstaking detail that goes into every single stage of the development process. “Every aspect of the development process is focused on performance, not only in terms of power and speed, but in every deliverable. From powertrain to safety, every part must enable the car to deliver the best possible performance. Everything from the careful lay up of pre-preg carbon fiber to the interior of a Koenigsegg is meticulously hand crafted.” And get this… every engine built, is done by one person. Not one engine per person, but one man builds every single Koenigsegg engine. Now THAT is something you don’t see. Included below is a video of the Koenigsegg way and the development of the Agera from start to finish:


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