If you live in India, you have probably heard of Justdial. It is like the 411 service you get in the United States. With the advent of the smartphone, people prefer to use an app or look for the information online instead of calling someone to find out the information. Enter Justdial. With listings from most of the cities in India, you just call them up, tell them what you are looking for and they SMS the information to your phone. Pretty cool right? They’ll even send suggestions if you ask for it. Now they have launched an android app in case you don’t feel like talking to someone. And it is pretty nifty. You might say well Google Maps does that as do several other search sites out there. But from what we have noticed, not only do you get more results but the listings seem to be more accurate as well. Oh and by the way, if you choose to view the location on a map, they end up showing it to you on Google Maps anyway! They do have merchant information for several of the major US cities as well but we are most interested in their offerings for the Indian cities. And we like what we see.
The Justdial Android app can be downloaded from Google Play. Do check it out.

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