Creating your own webpage used to be a tedious process. Thanks to modern technology, these days that is no longer the case. For those of us who aren’t exactly well versed with coding techniques but would still like to publish a site of our own, there are numerous tools that can be used to fulfill our basic necessities. Mozilla Thimble is one of those tools and it has basically made web page design so easy that even a caveman can do it! And any browser will work.
Thimble makes it easy to work with HTML and CSS even if you’ve never done it before. You get to see the effects of your design in real time by just typing on the left panel, and seeing what the finished page will look like on the right. Thimble also helps check your work as you go, providing a simple “spell check” for code to help you spot and squash errors instantly. Thimble also makes publishing as trivial as clicking a button. You can use it to create your own project from scratch or if you want to get a feel for it first, you can also try using it on some of Mozilla’s sample projects. Oh and by the way, the sample projects from Mozilla are designed to teach you as you work through them. An interactive tutorial if you will. This is by no means groundbreaking technology since it has existed since the days of Macromedia software, but it is definitely bringing it to the masses. For free. The whole idea is to make people aware of web design and give them the simplest of tools to do so. In that aspect Thimble definitely gets top marks.
Get started with your own project or by checking out one of Mozilla’s sample projects.

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