Having a hard time with mathematical equations? We definitely did back in the day. All those calculus and linear algebra problems began to look the same after staring at the books for a while at the library. Having a graphing scientific calculator helped once in a while, but we wish we had Microsoft Mathematics along for the ride. It would have made our differential equations and linear algebra courses a lot easier!
This free downloadable application from Microsoft includes step-by-step instructions and explains fundamental concepts. It also includes a two dimensional and three dimensional graphing calculator that is designed to work just like a hand held calculator and ink handwriting support to recognize handwritten problems. The application also features a unit converter, triangle solver, and an equation solver that provides step-by-step solutions to each problem, a feature beneficial to anyone attempting to learn problem solving skills.
You can download Microsoft Mathematics 4.0 here.
Disclaimer: The use of the tool is not a replacement for skipping class! It is a good idea to show up to class to understand the concepts before you can apply them 🙂 And we doubt you will be allowed to use Microsoft Mathematics during your exams.

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