Don’t let the title of the article throw you off. The SmartWatch is definitely here to stay. Just last week, Samsung unveiled it’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch and Apple is expected to do the same during it’s event on September 10th. In the midst of all this hoopla, Nismo, Nissan’s Motorsports Division has released it’s version of a smartwatch!
Geared towards Nissan gearheads, the gorgeously designed Nismo smartwatch has more than meets the eye. In addition to standard smartwatch features like connecting to your social accounts, drivers can see the average fuel consumption of their vehicle as well as average and top speeds, and on the track, they can access key data about the performance of their engine. In addition, the Nismo collects biometric data about drivers’ heart rates as they drive and maneuver their vehicles, all of which can be viewed on a companion mobile app. You also get notifications on your next service as well. Pretty cool huh?
The Nismo smartwatch comes in 3 colors, and in a sweet looking container that has to be opened up with an allen key (which is included). It is just too bad that it would only work for Nissan owners. Judging by the design, this is definitely the best looking smartwatch we have seen thus far, and had Nissan opened it up to the world, there is no telling the reach it could possibly have. Do check out the video of the Nismo SmartWatch below:

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