The Madras Exotic Car Club that was launched yesterday unveiled itself to the public this morning at the Madras Motor Race Track. Granted we have seen these exotics in the flesh numerous times in other parts of the world, it was still a sight to behold in our own backyard. The crowd was in full attendance at the track just to catch a glimpse of these rare beauties. There were about 15-20 cars ranging from the Italians to the Germans. We caught sight of a Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari 458, a few Porsches and Audi R8s, a BMW M3 and a couple of Benzs as well as a Nissan 370Z.
We just wish the event was a little more organized. The festivities that were to commence at 11AM didn’t do so until about 11:45AM and aside from seeing the parade across the start finish straight in front of the grandstand (which was cool by the way), one couldn’t really see these beasts since they were in the pits across the track. The drag races were a joke for the most part and it looked like the drivers were a little scared to put the pedal to the metal (not to mention taking their own sweet time while the crowd was literally roasting in the sun). We also wish we saw more cars especially knowing there are several other exotics in the area. But at the end of the day we love cars, and it was just cool to see and of course hear the thunderous engines from some of the top manufacturers across the globe. And the fact that it was in Chennai made it that much sweeter.

We’ll be posting our videos from the event shortly.

Update: Check out our videos from the unveiling of the Madras Exotic Car Club.

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