With the spend on brand marketing at an all time high, production houses aren’t afraid to push the limits when it comes to filming automotive commercials or chase scenes for that matter. As a result you are able to witness some very cool and innovative automotive commercials on TV. Not to mention the umpteen number of car chase scenes in Hollywood films. Of course to shoot a commercial or a chase scene, you need a script, actors and/or actresses, a location, editing programs et al. What we are more concerned about are the vehicles that are used to film these scenes.

There are some really specialized tools that have been developed for directors and cinematographers. The Pursuit High Speed Gyro Stabilized Crane, the R1 Carbon Fiber Arm, the Russian Arm (basically any remote arm) or the M1 Off Road Camera Car are examples of some of the tools that are used. There are several companies that own these tools but we loved Pursuit Systems selection of camera cars. Pursuit’s cranes, camera cars and tracking vehicles are some of the most widely used tools. Here are some of their vehicles: Porsche Cayenne TurboMitsubishi EvolutionMini Cooper San off-road BuggyMercedes Benz ML65 AMG and even a camera bike! That sick selection is enough to cover pretty much any terra firma. These vehicles have been used to film commercials for Porsche, Audi and Mercedes Benz and of course action scenes in Hollywood films such as Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Transformers: Dark Side of the Moon, Unstoppable and Fast & Furious to name a few. So they know what they are doing. Rather than describe the behind the scenes process, we have included some videos below so you can see the work that goes into making a captivating sequence.



And now, an example of the end result:

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