Quite recently we reviewed Sony’s Vaio Z and we absolutely loved it. We also said how we love Sony because of products such as these. And now they go and pull a (excuse the language) dumb shit move. What’s the move you say? Introducing the T11 and T13 ultrabooks in their current form. They are being slated for release in the European markets first before heading West but one has to really question this move by Sony. Here is the reason why. Let’s take a look at the specs of said ultrabooks:
  1. 11.6″ or 13.3″ display at a maximum resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels
  2. Intel Core i3 processor (the Sandy Bridge version which is going to be out of date in a couple of months now that Ivy Bridge is out)
  3. 512GB SSD or 500GB regular hard drive
  4. Integrated Intel HD Graphics 3000 card
  5. 1.3MP webcam
  6. 4GB RAM expandable to 8GB
  7. 2 USB ports, 1 HDMI port, VGA port, memory stick/SD card slot
Ok, on paper the specs look good. So what’s the problem? Well, for one, the T11 and T13 are going to be out of date within days of the launch because the next generation processors (Ivy Bridge) from Intel are already out in the market. And they are a lot better than the existing ones. Second, Sony already makes the Vaio Z laptop… which is LIGHTER than the T series. And it’s not even an ultrabook! The T series weighs in at 1.6kgs (~3.5lbs) while the Vaio Z weighs a paltry 2.5lbs! Granted it is expensive, but it shows Sony has the expertise to build good quality and compact structures. So why not use that expertise when you are introducing a new product in the market? Third, it is being offered with Intel’s i3 processor when other brands have versions with either the i5 or i7 processors. It seems to us Sony released these products just so they can say, look we have ultrabooks too. Not a good move. Don’t be too surprised if this turns out to be a flop. What would have been smarter move would have been for Sony to delay the launch, update the specs and design and then release a greatest hits version if you will, to the masses. We know they can do it.
So Sony, what gives?

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