Plus: I love the motor in this mini-SUV. There is a little turbo lag but it isn’t too bad. A mini-SUV breaking traction from a stand still is definitely a fun experience. The stereo was decent but I was paying more attention to the blow off valve 🙂 And since it isn’t very big, it is very nimble and inspires a lot of confidence. It does make you lead foot it though so you have to be careful.

Minus: As much as liked the motor, it seems like it runs out of juice as you get closer to *ahem* illegal speeds (not that I tried it). The other minus I felt was the ride. Damn it was harsh! I felt like I was wobbling for a bit after I was done after a long drive. In the looks department, it is just a plain jane.

Overall: I would recommend the Tiguan. It is a fun and preppy vehicle and it definitely won’t break the bank.

One other observation: The speedometer in most cars is displayed in either 5 or 10mph increments. In the Tiguan it is 5mph increments until 80mph, and 10mph from 80mph to 160mph. Just something different I suppose.

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