Plus: I like Ford’s new exterior design policy. Smooth lines all around. It is very pleasing to the eye. And for a base model it comes with a lot of technological bells and whistles which is always a plus. Ride quality is also satisfactory. Very good gas mileage too.

Minus : Where do I begin? As soon as you step inside the car you feel like you just walked into the USS Enterprise. I have never seen these many buttons on the center console and steering wheel ever! And two LCD screens? For what? It is all just confusing. Granted Microsoft’s sync works but if they spent half as much on the interior than they did on the exterior, they would have had a better quality product. Which brings me to my next point… the engine and transmission. Jeez… Ford, you made the GT40 and Mustang for God’s sake. The engine was seriously lacking in power and the transmission was absolutely horrendous. It really detracts from the overall experience of the car.

Overall: I had high hopes for this car since Ford seems to be the only American car manufacturer that seems to know what it is doing. Unfortunately after driving this car, it seems like they are on their way there, but haven’t quite reached the point. Yes, it is a good looking car, yes it has got a lot of bells and whistles, but overall it was a huge disappointment. It definitely doesn’t get my recommendation.

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