The Toyota Sienna is not sold in India. Instead we are graced by the presence of the Toyota Innova. The Innova is tailored to run on the Indian roads, which aren’t exactly in the best of shape. This is the case with most automotive manufacturers that sell their vehicles in the subcontinent. The Innova is sold in two variants – gasoline and diesel. We test drove the diesel version which comes equipped with a 2.5L turbodiesel engine putting out 100HP and 150ft lbs of torque. Not exactly powerful, but it is good enough to get the job done.
Plus: You get loads and loads of space. The interior is absolutely huge. You can comfortably fit 7 adults and all their luggage with room to spare. The features are also quite comprehensive and includes almost everything you could possible think of to take the family out. Parking sensors all around? Check. DVD display audio unit with USB port, Aux-in, and Bluetooth connectivity? Check. Steering controls for audio/DVD/Bluetooth? Check. Fancy illuminated dials? Check. Power… everything? Check. Comfortable and supportive seats? Check. Immobilizer and air bags all around? Check. And the list goes on… it really is fully loaded. From a looks perspective, it isn’t exactly a looker but something tells us people that purchase the Innova aren’t going to buy it for their looks. The suspension isn’t too firm and it soaks up all those bumps with ease.
Minus: There aren’t too many faults we could find with the Innova. The engine could definitely use some more power. Yes the torque figures are nice to get you off the line, but if you push the engine, it definitely chokes as you go higher in the power band. It is ok if you are driving around the city but out on the open road (which is where the Innova will be used the most) it really makes a difference. The looks could also have been a little better… it looks like a plain jane in its current form. It would be cool if Toyota offered a Sport package like it does with the Sienna. Mileage could also be better since the diesel version only gives you about 12 kilometers per liter.
Overall: It is hard to fault such good a package. The Innova also has the Toyota brand name going for it… a brand that stands for economy and reliability. It is no surprise the Innova is selling like hot cakes. Sure there are some minor flaws but for the price, it would be really hard to get a better deal on a similarly equipped MPV.
The Toyota Innova is currently on sale from Rs. 9,00,000 (~$18,000) to Rs. 14,00,000 (~$28,000) depending on the variant and options.

View the complete specifications of the Toyota Innova.

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