If you think the 2012 Mahindra Scorpio looks like a tank, it is. If you think it drives like a tank, it does. Talk about a behemoth on the road. We took the Scorpio in and around the roads of Bengaluru, and this time we did a little off-roading as well. Here are our impressions.
Plus: You can stuff a lot of people and things into the Scorpio. It is absolutely huge inside. We think you will be able to fit at least 7 adults comfortably… with some of their luggage too. The version we drove came equipped with a fairly decent entertainment system (and DVD player) which will help you keep the kids at bay. It also had parking sensors and a tire pressure monitoring system which comes in very handy. The 2.2L mHawk turbodiesel engine puts out 120 HP and produces enough torque (215 lb ft) in the lower part of the power band (1800 – 2800 RPM) to push you to the back of the seat every time you step on the gas pedal. Also very handy when you are off-roading. With its ground clearance it made mince meat of almost every obstacle we put in its path. It actually felt most comfortable off-road than on the road… which makes sense considering how rugged the Scorpio is. You also have the option of getting it either in a 2WD or 4WD version.
Minus: If you plan on driving this beast within the city, frankly, we pity you. The steering is not easy to handle, the turning radius is horrible and it is just huge. It will definitely cause you some major heart ache and inconvenience. And don’t think taking it on the highway will inspire much confidence either. The faster you go, that feeling of floating also increases (due to the ground clearance and suspension setup) and you sort of feel like the car has a mind of its own. Another negative aspect is the cheap finish of the interior. You get a lot of features, but the least they could have done was present them well.
Overall: Mahindra is known for making rugged vehicles (and heavy duty farming machinery). When we drove the Scorpio it seemed to us that they have tried to tame a wild beast. With its rugged looks and capabilities, the Scorpio is meant to roam in the wild and not wear a dress and prance around town. It makes sense considering how at home it felt off-road.
The 2012 Mahindra Scorpio is currently on sale in India from Rs. 7,75,000 (~$15,500) to Rs. 13,00,000 (~$26,000) depending on the options you choose.
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