The Mini is finally gone. It was a fun experience but it was time for a change. And boy what a change it is! A fully loaded 2009 Volkswagen CC VR6 with less than 8000 miles. Apparently it was owned by a Volkswagen corporate executive and was barely driven. Needless to say the dealer made us an offer we couldn’t refuse. 3.8L V6, 280HP, 6spd automatic, parking sensors, navigation, premium sound, panoramic roof, power leather seats and 18″ rims make for a very enticing driving experience. This car (much like all German cars) was made to be driven on the highway. Don’t get me wrong, it is great around town, but once you are on the highway and open it up a bit, that’s where it really shines. Its mid-range response is simply astounding for a family sedan. We wish we had a V-Box to measure the 40-70mph times because trying to overtake is a breeze in this car.
I love the fact that it has a USB input (to either charge your phone or to connect an external HD). Aside from the performance, LOOK at it! WOW. VW did something right with the looks of the car. Forget that the chassis is shared with the Passat, forget the torque steer that comes with 280HP and a front wheel drive car. It just looks amazing. I can spend hours just looking at those lines. VWs are known for electrical problems but it seems those gremlins have been finally put to rest. Besides the car came with the remainder of the factory warranty which gives us further peace of mind.
If you look at the brochure for this car, it says that it is meant for 4 adults to travel comfortably. This is true. The leg room is phenomenal in the front and rear, BUT, the arm rest in the rear cuts across the seat which effectively makes seating for a 3rd person in the back very uncomfortable. It is perfect for 4. You wouldn’t want to feel cramped on those long road trips you know? Now let us see how long this bad boy can keep us smiling.

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