With a talented cast in R. Madhavan, Arya, Sameera Reddy and newcomer Amala Paul, Vettai has the makings of a film that will run at the box office for quite a while. And it is no surprise that the film has been deemed a complete success. The combination of Madhavan and Arya itself is a big draw to the theaters. They complement each other quite well and their comic timing was just classic. No one overpowers the other. The film is a great combination of comedy, action and romance in almost equal parts. The songs are also very colorful and catchy, which by the way is a must for any successful Tamil film.
The film is set in Thoothukudi amidst a small city and village backdrop. Sameera Reddy and Amala Paul provide the requisite eye candy (they are both absolutely gorgeous by the way) and we felt their roles were mostly during the first half of the film. The second half belonged to the male actors. Nevertheless the pairing of the four actors and actresses worked really well on screen. Every action film has to have a bad guy, in this case it was veteran Bollywood actor, Ashutosh Rana. Despite not being able to speak the language, his performance gave credence to the role of the villain. Nasser also puts in a cameo appearance and makes his presence felt every time he is on screen. One gets the feeling everyone had fun during the making of this film and didn’t take themselves too seriously.
In closing, if you are looking for a light hearted and entertaining film without getting too serious, Vettai is it. It gets our recommendation.

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