Hollywood has a long history of bastardizing the films that are based on books. The Bourne Legacy is no different. But that doesn’t make The Bourne Legacy a bad film. We must say were pleasantly surprised. Loosely based on the novel by Robert Ludlum, it continues with the action packed theme that the Jason Bourne series is known for.
Directed by Tony Gilroy (of Michael Clayton fame), the film is definitely one of those experiences that will keep you guessing on what comes next. The films stars Jeremy Renner in the lead with Rachel Weisz opposite him. Edward Norton also plays a substantial role, and this time he actually looks like he wants to act (remember The Italian Job anyone?). So now we have a good cast AND a good story line (even though it really doesn’t have much to do with the book).
The film did a good job of continuing the Jason Bourne franchise and ties it nicely with the last Bourne film which starred Matt Damon. Jeremy Renner was a great choice to play the lead role and you can tell he underwent some serious training for some of the stunts in the film. Yes he has been in quite a few films before, but something tells us his luck is going to change for the better after this one. Rachel Weisz as always puts in a very convincing performance and looks like she shed a few pounds to keep up with the stunts. And much like Jason Bourne films past, the film was shot across quite a few countries… we saw the United States, Pakistan, South Korea, Thailand and the Philippines. This means you get an eye full of gorgeous landscapes mixed with the hustle and bustle of each place. In the end it comes down to a no nonsense, action packing thriller, which is exactly as advertised. Be forewarned though, if you have seen The Bourne Ultimatum, you will feel like this film is very very similar. And if you haven’t, well, enjoy the film!
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The Bourne Legacy is currently playing at the SatyamINOX and PVR cinemas in Chennai.

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