We have been trying hard not to take the Lord’s name in vain, and we are pretty sure others felt the same way while watching director Priyadarshan’s Tezz. His attempt at recreating a Bollywood action thriller set in London and based on Hollywood action films like Speed, Unstoppable, Taking of Pelham 1 2 3 and a little bit of Heat (all hits we might add) just fell flat on its face.
Where do we even begin… from the predicable story line (if you have seen the Hollywood movies we mentioned earlier) to the constant jumping from one clip to another, to the songs whose timing made no sense whatsoever, not to mention the horrible CGI just gave you a bad taste despite some cool action sequences involving Sameera Reddy (who knew she could ride a bike… and a dirt bike at that!) and Zayed Khan with his parkour stunts. If only they spent at least half as much time as they did on the action scenes, we would have had a better finished product in our hands. One wonders if this film was just rushed to the theaters just to get it out there. The big draw of Tezz is the diesel cast of Ajay Devgn, Anil Kapoor, Boman Irani (who was the saving grace on the acting front), Kangana Ranaut (basically a non-factor in this film along with an amazing actor like Mohanlal) but in the end it just didn’t come together at all. It felt like a hodge-podge of clips just put together and presented to the viewer. And to top it all of you had an item number by Mallika Sherawat which wasn’t very good either. At least the film wasn’t too long and ended in just about two hours.
Interestingly enough, it isn’t as though the immensely talented director Priyadarshan hasn’t made Bollywood films before, he has, but they have usually been on the comedic side and have been based on the Malayalam versions of his films. Being outside his comfort zone, and experimenting with a new genre would have taught him a few lessons we are sure. We just hope his next venture is a lot better than this one. In the meanwhile, we wish we could get our money back…
Tezz is currently playing in Chennai at Satyam Cinemas and PVR Cinemas.

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