For Karthi, Saguni is sort of his coming out movie. He’s been in the shadows of his universally loved and famous brother Surya, and it looks like this is his time to shine. Directed by newcomer Shankar Dayal, Karthi is supported by Pranitha in the lead role, while Santhanam, Roja, Prakash Raj, Raadhika Sarathkumar and Nassar provide the supporting cast. We were hoping the film would woo audiences especially considering the fact that it is a political satire but unfortunately it just falls flat on its face.
The plot in itself seems a little too far fetched. There are some films where this might work (say a Sci-Fi genre film) but in this case it was just too unbelievable. Let’s just put it this way, good acting can’t make a bad story look good. That’s what went wrong here. Despite having a good supporting cast, not to mention Santhanam (who has been on a roll lately), things just didn’t really work. Sure you had a myriad of emotions throughout the film, right from love to deception, and of course a couple of catchy songs for good measure (since no Kollywood film is complete without at least one masala number), but at times the film just felt boring and we wished they would just get on with it. Not surprising considering the box office numbers have been less than stellar inspite of the massive marketing campaign associated with the launch of the film.
So save your money, watch it at home or better yet, find a better film to watch.

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