Jason Statham has carved a nice niche for himself in Hollywood in the Action genre. If you take the story line out of the equation for some of his action films, the action sequences are always high octane and an adrenaline rush. Safe is no different. You might consider watching this film for three reasons. One, Jason Statham is in the lead. Two, Lawrence Bender is the producer (Pulp Fiction anyone?). And three, some guy named Kevin Spacey is one of the executive producers. Enticed yet?
This Boaz Yakin written and directed film is sure to keep you at the edge of your seat like most other Statham films. There weren’t too many crazy stunts, but the fight sequences and gun fights were very well executed. Catherine Chan by the way, was simply superb in her role. We’ll even go as far as to say her performance was the best of the bunch (Statham is ever the cool customer). Oh and she’s only 12. That’s saying something. Statham is also supported by Robert John Burke, James Hong, Anson Mount, Chris Sarandon, Sándor Técsy and Reggie Lee. There are a lot of characters but each has their own place and history attached to them. The film runs by quite quickly and we were surprised at how soon it ended. Still, there wasn’t a single moment in the film that we thought was boring or out of place.
In a nutshell this is what you should expect. Average story line, great fight sequences and edge of your seat action. Would we recommend you catch it in the theaters? Probably not. We have a feeling this film will be lost amongst The Avengers and Battleship anyway.
Our Rating: 

Safe is currently playing in India at the SatyamInox and PVR theaters.

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