Ladies and gentlemen, we have the makings of another hit on our hands. Irrfan’s choice of films recently has been nothing short of spectacular and Paan Singh Tomar is no exception. With a scintillating performance from Irrfan, this film is a must watch. It also brings to light the sad plight of Indian Athletes (from the not so followed sports) and the fact that there are no facilities afforded to them unlike other nations where national athletes are carried on people’s shoulders.

The film is set in the infamous Chambal Valley (near the Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh border), home to some of the most famous (or infamous depending on how you look at it) bandits in India. If you are looking for great cinematography this film is probably not for you. Not that we have anything against the film, but for the most part you are looking at barren hills and fields, the areas where the bandits used to roam and hide. What you will be interested in is the acting. Be it the several comedic instances (which there are a lot of and will really make you laugh) to the regret he feels, Irrfan has captured the emotions so well that in the end you can’t help feeling his feelings during the course of the film. Mahie Gill plays the wife and is a good supporting character to Paan Singh Tomar. She was able to portray the village wife, and then a mother with great conviction. But in the end this film is all about Irrfan, Paan Singh Tomar, his rise and fall.
We recommend this film for the action, comedy and the drama. But be forewarned. After watching this film, you will want to run. Literally.

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