A lot of the action films this year have been getting a lot of hype and publicity, be it The Avengers or Battleship. But not Men in Black III. And why should it? It has Will Smith in the lead role, who by the way is a member of the club known for making the most films that have made grossed over a $100 million. And Tommy Lee Jones is back. Add in actor extraordinaire Josh Brolin… you see where we are going with this? Oh and someone named Steven Spielberg is the Executive Producer. We doubt this film is going to derail Will Smith’s record.
It has all the components of Men in Black parts past, comedy, action, great special effects and a decent storyline. All the components made for a very enjoyable movie going experience. In this version, the trilogy goes full circle. Not once did we feel bored or thought, “Oh that was a waste of a scene.” It was very well thought out. Not a very convoluted storyline like the second part but entertaining to say the least. One thing though, Will Smith’s age is slowly starting to show on camera. It is the natural progression of things we suppose. But that definitely did not take away from his superb comedic timing and bantering with Tommy Lee Jones (who by the way was exactly the same as in the first two parts). Josh Brolin was a great choice as a younger version of Tommy and played his part to perfection.

We watched the 3D version and it was nice and this time the producers actually made sure a lot of the scenes were filmed completely in 3D. It was also nice to see parts of the United States back in time (in case you have seen the trailers). It would help to watch the films preceding this one just so you understand some of the inside jokes. It would also make for an entertaining film to take the kids out to, assuming they don’t mind seeing our interpretation of aliens and their lives. We definitely recommend this one.

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Men in Black III is currently playing at the SatyamINOX and PVR cinemas in Chennai.

P.S. There were a couple of sneak previews, not trailers mind you, of much awaited films this year. Just a little enticement 🙂

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