Everything big is small, and everything small is big… on Mysterious Island. That’s the underlying theme of Journey 2 The Mysterious Island, an adaptation of the father of science fiction Jules Verne’s book. With a good cast in Dwayne Johnson, Michael Caine, Josh Hutcherson, Vanessa Hudgens and Luiz Guzman, an entertaining yet predictable story line and appealing visuals, this film is a great choice for a family outing (it is kid friendly). By the way, keep the theme in mind when you watch the film!


This film was co-produced by Dwayne Johnson and like most of his previous film choices, Journey 2 The Mysterious Island is no different in that it is light-hearted and witty with a family-centric theme. We also have to mention how fast paced the film was. We didn’t realize how quickly the 98 minutes were up! The safe, tried and tested formula of the family flick works once again. The banter between Dwanye and Caine was fun to watch and the one thing we learned is that The Rock can sing! Quite well we might add. Luiz Guzman’s character as a father was also funny and touching at the same time. Vanessa Hudgens’ role was not limited but we still felt the role didn’t add much to the story aside from being a love interest (what do you expect when two teens are out in the wild?). The film was shot in 3D and looks good on screen with its special effects. Frankly Avatar set the bar so high for 3D films, it is really hard to say much aside from the fact that it looks good. Nevertheless we recommend taking the kids out. We are sure they will enjoy the action and adventure (this was evident from the laughter and awe from the kids in the theater when we watched it)!

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