We review all films with an open mind… at least we try to. But in case of Joker, readers beware, it was just not possible. Right off the bat we will tell you to save your time and money… not to mention your senses and don’t bother. This film would be a strong contender and would probably win first place at the Razzie awards. We understand Akshay Kumar makes a certain type of film, and it usually appeals to the masses, but we doubt Joker would fall under that category.
This seemingly low budget film also had Sonakshi Sinha in the lead role opposite Akshay and they were supported by Shreyas Talpade and Minisha Lamba among many others. With a weak story line and almost atrocious acting even a special appearance by Chitrangada Singh in the now customary item song couldn’t save this debacle of a film. Directed by Shirish Kunder, this is Akshay and Sonakshi’s second film together after Rowdy Rathore. The one good thing the film had going for it is the song list. With mostly upbeat themes and gyrating dance moves, it made an otherwise unbearable film a little manageable. A little light hearted comedy didn’t hurt either.
All things considered, you wouldn’t be missing much by not watching this film. In fact, your brain cells will thank you if you don’t watch it! It’s unfortunate that a film with some modicum of potential fell flat on its face and we are pretty sure the box office numbers will show exactly that.
Our Rating: 

Joker is currently playing at the SatyamINOX and PVR cinemas in Chennai.

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