On paper, the combination of Clint Eastwood and Leonardo DiCaprio sounds like a match made in heaven. Immensely talented, possibly the best actors of their generations, a multiple time Oscar award winning director and story teller all has the makings of another winning formula. So did it work? Let’s find out.

Clint Eastwood usually brings together a cast which one would not expect to work together. But his mojo has proven us wrong time and time again. Sadly this time though, the film fell short of our expectations. J. Edgar Hoover was considered a terrorizing figure in his time, ruthless too, but unfortunately that side of Hoover was never really on display. Yes his covert information gathering bugging operations and his use of the information for personal gain were captured along with his career progression from the Justice Department to the head of the F.B.I, but overall, the film was geared more towards his personal life. And that’s where things just didn’t seem to work. There are not too many reliable sources of Edgar’s personal life and it seemed a lot of the storyline was based on hearsay and rumors as well. Couple that with some not too convincing make up on Leo, the film felt like a hodge-podge of sorts. Even having Dame Judi Dench, who we consider one of the best actresses currently around, couldn’t salvage the operation. We also felt Leo didn’t quite fit the bill in this role.
The film is worth a watch, but not in the theaters. Just wait until you can rent and watch it in the comfort of your home.

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