Abhishek Bachchan should stick to comedies. He really should. If you are looking for a hilarious film that will leave you in fits of laughter, Bol Bachchan is one film you should watch. A remake of the popular 1979 comedy Gol Maal, it will make for a fun family outing. Directed by Rohit Shetty (of Singham and the Golmaal trilogy fame) it is almost entirely a situational comedy played in part to perfection by the two leads Abhishek Bachchan, Ajay Devgn and the sidekick, standup comedian, Krushna Abhishek. Asin and Prachi Desai provide the requisite estrogen in the film in very convincing roles along with Archana Puran Singh who steals the show in almost every scene she is in. This ensemble cast just seemed to work very well together.
Be warned though, nothing will prepare you for some of Abhishek Bachchan’s hilarious antics in the film. Interestingly enough, the combination of Abhishek and Ajay works really well and they seem to play off of each others comedic strengths in the film. You can tell the filmmakers had a good time while making the film just by the actions, catchy one-liners and body language portrayed in the film and of course the bloopers. Even the songs and dance sequences are funny. This is a film that doesn’t take itself too seriously and it shows. And despite Abhishek Bachchan having done several films in the past, we really feel his comedic timing (and talent) is awesome. He should really consider doing more comedic roles since it really suits him and of course those are the films that seem to do really well at the box office for him (Dostana anyone?).
So head out to the movies, get yourself some popcorn, sit back and relax. This will be a fun ride.

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