We are always on the lookout for cool apps. One such app caught our fancy and it is called the INCREDIBOX. If you are into music and especially beatboxing, Incredibox lets you to become the conductor of a group of beatboxers. It is so simple to use and you get to choose compositions from 5 main categories: Effects, Beats, Melodies, Chorus and Voices. You can hear a single person’s music/beatboxing or the entire chorus. You also get to record a composition and share it with anyone you choose to. All in all this is just one cool app in our books.

Why don’t you check it out for yourself? You can post links to your samples below! And check out our sample composition.

Update: We tried to find out if an INCREDIBOX app exists for any of the smartphones and it doesn’t look to be the case. For now it is browser based. But who knows, if it gathers enough interest, they might just come out with one!

Update (6/2/2012):  There are a couple of other beatbox apps for Apple and Android phones that you can download for free. One is Beatbox from the Apple App Store and the other is My Beatbox from Google Play.

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