Are you one of those people that has accounts on multiple sites? And by multiple sites we are referring to social networking sites, RSS readers, blogs and so on. There are a number of aggregator sites that you can use to access all the information at the same time, but nothing comes close in the ease of use, look and feel as Flipboard.
With its visually stunning layout, Flipboard delivers an innovative and easy way to quickly flip through (and yes when you use the app you are literally flipping through articles) all the social media and content you care about. It is available for both iOS and Android operating systems as well. Of course you can choose Flipboard’s own selection of topics/articles, but you can just use the ones you are subscribed to (see the screenshot for an example of the layout). And if you create your own Flipboard account, you can see your selection regardless of which device you log into. Creating a Flipboard Account also gives you access to all timelines, a single section containing all the articles and photos being shared across all your social networks.

Based on numerous apps we have used in the past to aggregate all our accounts, for now, Flipboard is definitely the best of the pack. They also seem to have captured the fancy of several major publishers and financiers as well. Time will tell if they can stay ahead of the game, but this is definitely our pick of the moment.

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