There are n number of apps that you can use to connect to all the different social networking sites out there. There are also n number of apps out there which can consolidate your login information to all these sites. But there aren’t many apps that can collate your login information AND location information at the same time. Banjo is one such app that is available for Apple and Android phones alike.
As we move from location to location, our interests change. Rather than using static interests from our social profiles as the basis of social discovery – as some apps do – location-based apps like Banjo change dynamically to reflect where we are to show proximity-relevant content. Banjo harnesses publicly available social and local information and gives users the ability to filter that content based on their interest and location. It can pull the information from social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Foursquare, Gmail, Twitter and Pinterest with other networks in the process of being added.
While the possibilities of engaging with new connections are endless, here are a few ways users can take advantage of the serendipity created with Banjo:
  1. Meet up with Friends and Colleagues: Say you’re at SFO airport and didn’t check in, tweet or make a social post, but your friend tweets about his flight being delayed. With Banjo, you can quickly discover that your friend is only a few gates away. With these real-time updates, Banjo allows you to never miss an opportunity to connect.
  2. Discover Hidden Gems: Perhaps you’re on a summer trip, visiting NYC, and wondering where to eat, but you’re not familiar with the area. A quick check of Banjo reveals someone raving about a hip, new restaurant, and while you’re enjoying lunch there, you also discover a fabulous shoe sale going on just a few blocks away. Thanks to Banjo, you got a great meal and two new pairs of shoes and your NYC experience is a off to a great start. Now you can tap into the collective intelligence and insight of the people around you, making relevant choices for your local expeditions – whatever they may be.
  3. Explore Beyond Your Boundaries: Do you live, work, or travel in a small town without a lot of activity? Even if none of your friends or people nearby are updating their social networks, Banjo still allows for exploration of what’s happening elsewhere. No longer are you limited to the boundaries of your local networks; Banjo is “elastic” and allows you to check out what’s going on three, 30 or even 3,000 miles away. Pick your favorite spots and take a peek; because with Banjo, the ripple effect is what you make of it.
This is an app definitely worth checking out. They’ve been around for less than a year and already boast over a million users. And from what we’ve seen, those numbers are only going to go up.
Banjo can be downloaded for free from the iTunes Store or from Google Play.

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