Lately we have been reviewing some productivity tools and we came across another tool which we think is just brilliant. Started by Facebook co-founder Dustin Moskovitz, Asana follows the same simplistic styling and usage from Facebook, and has adapted it to create a productivity tool. We reviewed another productivity tool called Trello recently, and while it was good, it did have its shortcomings. Asana on the other hand, looks to have addressed these issues and helps you stay organized and keep track of your tasks and their work assignments with the bare minimum of mouse clicks. Speaking of mouse clicks, the UI experience of Asana is definitely its biggest plus point since you are able to perform every task with the least amount of effort.
Asana lets you divide your projects into workspaces. These workspaces also give you a place to organize all the teams in your life. You can collaborate with your friends, your clubs, and your work team while keeping everything separate. Finding the tasks and priorities for anyone on your team can be performed with one click. You can see what’s been marked for Today, and what’s waiting to be picked up. And just like a Twitter feed, you can be notified of changes to the tasks and projects that you actually care about. You can also add a coworker to a task and they’ll get all the background. All this is real-time too! Plus each task has its own activity feed just like your profile page on Facebook. Pretty cool if you ask us. Asana is definitely designed for speed: You have ample keyboard shortcuts just like you would within Gmail, there are fewer page loads and fewer mouse clicks. And best of all it is a web app that won’t slow you down.
In case you are always on the go, there is a mobile app for iPhones at the App Store. Fret not if you don’t have an iPhone, the entire site is designed using HTML5 and can be accessed through your handset browser without any problems as well. Just login to the site and see for yourself! And check out the video below and see how easy Asana is to use.

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