AnTuTu Benchmark is a free benchmarking app that helps users to dive deeper into their Android devices. Users can compare also their own device with popular devices which also have powerful hardware performance. The following functionality is available as part of AnTuTu’s free app on Google Play:
  1. User Experience (UX): Gives each user a direct impression on smart phone performance with detailed scores
  2. CPU Tests: Lets the individual user know how powerful a CPU they have, with detailed score points
  3. RAM Tests: Reflects the real processing ability to RAM of the Android smart phones
  4. GPU Tests: Helps users to know the real performance in gaming to GPU of the smart phones/tablets
  5. I/O Tests: Tells a direct score to show how good your smart phone I/O performance is
In addition to creating the benchmark scores, the app also lets you view additional information about your Android device (sensor status etc.). This is similar to another app Anfish that we reviewed earlier. The screenshot above was from a Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and as you can see our test device fell short of the average benchmark score for the Note 2. Needless to say, we will be doing a little more deep diving to see why the numbers are off!

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