Having owned a Mini Cooper S (the supercharged version not the new generation turbocharged version), I realize it isn’t a fair comparison with the base Fiat 500. The Abarth version would be more suitably matched to the S. But on that note, I prefer the BAM! in your face speedometer/tachometer on the Mini BUT overall the dashboard on the Fiat looked better. The switches and button and rest of the console look more updated on the Mini vs. the Fiat. The interior feels more inviting in the Fiat. The Mini is slightly larger than the Fiat, but in both cars, the rear seats are just for show. Good luck trying to fit 2 adults in the back. In the looks department, I’d have to give it to the Fiat. In the performance department, based on the figures I have seen for the Abarth, the two cars are going to be very very evenly matched. The Mini might have a little more HP, but it is also a little heavier than the Fiat. I suppose I will do another comparison once the Abarth is on US shores!

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