Do you get annoying calls at odd hours? Or do you get prank phone calls? Have you ever wanted to know who is actually trying to reach you? We found one of the best free apps just for that. True Caller. And it’s available for download for the iPhoneAndroid devices, BlackBerrySybian and Windows Mobile!
Truecaller is a global phonebook service which brings all the contact information of the world into your smartphone. In addition to its worldwide number lookup service, Truecaller can help you block unwanted calls, keep your phonebook up to date with current information and even map your phonebook with the social networks you use regularly. You can use it no matter what country in the world you are in. If privacy is a concern, they get the data partly through partnerships with different white/yellow pages around the world and partly through their own opt in database. We also love the fact that repeat offenders (read: telemarketers) can be completely blocked out of your phone.
True Caller is actually quite nifty. Here is a real world scenario where this comes in handy. You went to school with someone as a kid and lost touch with them. You run into them a few years later but forgot their name, but they haven’t forgotten yours. Sound familiar? Gets a little awkward doesn’t it? You chit chat with them and ask them to give you a call so you can store their number to stay in touch. When they call you, their name pops up. Now you have that AHA! moment and you know who they are. This story actually happened when we were testing it out! So give it a shot… let us know other possible uses you can think of for this app!

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