How could we have ever forgotten our trusty Samsung Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch? We have so many gadgets around us that we had almost forgotten about our S2! To us, this is the phone that started the Samsung revolution. It laid the founding stone for their upcoming tablets as well as the now famous Galaxy Note. We did a comparison of the S II against the Galaxy Note but we figured it deserved its own post.

The Samsung Galaxy S II’s 1.2GHz dual core processor is the ultra responsive answer to mobile performance, providing high-speed multitasking, quick web page loading, quick reaction speeds, a smoother UI, lightning fast image editing and high performance gaming. The 4.3″ gorilla glass screen covered display is beautiful albeit not as good as the one on the Galaxy Note, but it is beautiful nonetheless. The resolution is 800 x 480 pixels and on this screen size it works quite well. Images and videos just look stunning, crisp and vivid on this screen.

With the 1GB RAM built-in, multi-tasking is a breeze. In fact we felt the Galaxy S II was smoother than the Galaxy Note in this regard. That’s saying something. We had several applications open all at the same time and not once we did notice any lag. We did notice the heat issue (similar to what we noticed when we tried it on the Galaxy Note) when playing Airport City on the phone though. We wonder if anyone else has noticed this issue… do let us know. Storage space can be expanded to 32GB using a mini-SD card and that is more than enough to carry your videos, photos and music.

Samsung has definitely hit it out of the ball park with the 8MP camera that has been included in the Galaxy S II. Pictures and videos (in HD) are absolutely fantastic without using any modifications. We have had several people ask us if the pictures we took in the past were off some professional camera and they were absolutely shocked they were taken with a phone! Oh and you also get a 2MP front facing camera in case you decide you use Skype or any other video chatting app on the phone. Of course we can’t say enough about the fact that it comes with Android’s Gingerbread OS (which will be upgraded to Ice Cream Sandwich) and you get all the goodies that come with Google Play.

The Samsung Galaxy S II was introduced in India at a starting price of Rs. 31,000 (~$620). Now that the Galaxy Note is out, you can get a cracker of a deal on a new S II for about Rs. 27,400 (~$550). Not a bad deal if you ask us especially considering you don’t have any contract commitments.

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