If you have been following our site, you would have seen the review we did on the Sony Xperia S. The next toy to come out of CES and MWC 2012 is the HTC Sensation XE and just like the Sony, it too boasts of several upgrades. Where the Sony is understated and has clean lines, the HTC is bold in its styling and design. You have a dab of red here and there to signify that your phone comes with Beats Audio. The speaker in the front is wider than most phones in the market, and the Beats Audio (which is becoming standard across the top of the line HTC smartphones) inclusion works really well. It is quite loud the speakers on this phone and coupled with the Beats headphones that are included, listening to music or watching a movie is a very immersive experience.

The HTC Sensation XE comes with a 4.3″ display but the resolution isn’t as good as the Sony Xperia S we tested. The display resolution is pegged at 960 x 540 pixels but the HTC Sense UI makes up for it. Scrolling through all the tabs and applications are a lot smoother compared to the Sony. You also get lesser RAM at 768MB compared to the 1GB that is sort of a defacto standard on smartphones these days. The processor is a 1.5GHz dual core and the HTC also comes with an 8MP camera and dual LED flash. Similar to the Sony, with instant capture, the moment you press the button is the same moment the photo is captured. The HTC Sensation XE weighs in at 151 gms which is slightly higher than the Sony’s weight at 144gms. But you won’t be able to tell the difference. The HTC is also shorter than the Sony despite having the same screen size. It also comes with the Android operating system (Gingerbread) but we haven’t heard when it would get updated to Ice Cream Sandwich yet.

You get the capability to stream your videos and photos to your TV from the phone. This is becoming a standard feature on smartphones these days. Watching videos for some reason looked better on the HTC compared to the Sony. But every gadget seems to have an Achilles heel and in the HTC’s case it is the battery. Where the Sony would give you about 8 hours while doing processor intensive tasks, the HTC ran out of juice in just over 5! This isn’t the first time this has happened with an HTC phone. Our Evo 4G also faced the same battery issue. Not to mention the multiple times HTC Sense kept crashing on us (also noticed on the Evo 4G). And the phone gets hot, real hot when you push it to the limit. We have read several complaints about this from users and it is surprising HTC has not formally addressed the issue. It is possible they may have been addressed in the other variants HTC now offers, the One series and frankly we can’t wait to get our hands on the HTC One X.

Despite being a good phone with some cool features, the downer is the price. We wouldn’t recommend purchasing this phone at the current steep price in India of Rs. 32,999 (~$660). For that kind of money you can pick up the Sony Xperia S, the Nokia Lumia 800, the Samsung Galaxy S II or even the Samsung Galaxy Note… all much better phones compared to the HTC.

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