Move over Samsung, there is a new king in town. And it comes in style. Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the new crowning jewel in the Android empire, the HTC One X. It is no surprise all the reviews thus far for the One X have been positive considering how loaded this phone is. With a 4.7″ screen at 1280 x 720 pixels resolution, the display is absolutely beautiful. Photos, games and videos are absolutely beautiful. In this aspect we must mention though, it is hard to pick a clear winner between the One X and the Samsung Galaxy Note. The similarities end there. This phone with the 1.5GHZ quad-core processor, 1GB RAM and 32GB storage (which unfortunately cannot be expanded further) is blindingly fast and super smooth. Add in HTC Sense and Android version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), and it makes for an unbeatable combination.
The 8MP camera that comes standard on the HTC One X is also a work of art. The software that the camera comes with is quite nifty and includes Instragram like features that can be applied while you take a picture. It also has the Instant Capture and Continuous Shooting feature which HTC say can take up to 99 shots consecutively at 4 frames per second, and we don’t doubt them. It is really quick. Gone are the days when you would have to wait for your camera to start up and load before you can snap a quick one. As you can see, thus far the HTC One X is loaded with the top of the line hardware and the speakers are no different. With the Beats Audio built speakers, music and videos sound crystal clear (but it is not the loudest phone we have tested).
We now get to the elephant in the room, battery life. We have always had an issue with the battery life on HTC phones. The HTC Evo 4G we tested was absolutely atrocious in the battery department and it looks like HTC has finally done something about it in the One X. And by something, anything is an improvement. But it is still a disappointment… you get a little over 6 hours if you use the phone intensely (watching movies and games) and about 12 hours with regular use. We wonder why HTC is unable (or unwilling?) to get over this hump. It has been a recurring theme with all their flagship phones. And the next thing is the price point. It is not a cheap phone by any means. Yes it is cheaper than the iPhone 4S, but that’s not saying much. We have a feeling a lot of people will think twice before opening their wallet especially considering HTC doesn’t command the same brand attention that Apple does.
In closing, we feel the HTC One X is the best Android phone currently in the market. Is it perfect? No. But in this day and age where pushing new products out the door as quickly as possible is the norm, it doesn’t surprise us one bit. But it does pack enough firepower to claim the throne for now.
The HTC One X is currently on sale in India for Rs. 37,900 (~$760). You can find them for marginally cheaper prices at online retail stores if you look hard enough.

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