If you are interested in purchasing a laptop for your entertainment needs, you might want to consider the HP Pavilion DV6. With 4GB RAM, Intel Core i3 chip, Windows 7 Professional pre-loaded, 500GB hard drive, 2MP built in camera, all for under $800, this deal is going to be pretty hard to beat.

Did we also mention the built-in Altec Lansing speakers, 3 USB ports, VGA and HDMI output, DVD-RW, memory stick reader and an eSATA port to hook up to other external hard drives? Yes the Pavilion is that loaded. They have really taken the Entertainment Notebook moniker to the extreme. There is not one thing as a movie or music junkie you couldn’t possibly do (and do it well) with this machine. Listening to music is a joy on the Altec Lansings, and you can view and burn all the DVDs to your heart’s content. With that much RAM you can do all that at the same time too. The screen resolution is liveable at 1366 x 768. This puts it in the middle of the pack of laptops. The battery life is also very good and we got about 5.5 to 6 hours on a single charge. If you are planning on carrying the laptop around everywhere you go, you might want to reconsider since it will feel like walking around with a dumbbell in your hands. It is pretty heavy and tips the scales at almost 7 lbs.
In short, for the price and specs that are standard, this laptop can’t be beat. It could do without a lot of the applications that come pre-installed from HP, but that is an easy fix. We can think of other things to improve in the laptop but it would drive the cost up. We’ll just keep it the way it is.

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