The BlackBerry PlayBook was meant to be a direct competitor to the iPad. It even comes in three variants – 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, just like the iPad. So how does it fare against the iPad? In short… not even close. Yes, you get the latest version of the BlackBerry OS but here is another example of what’s going wrong with Research in Motion these days. Instead of spending their time and effort on righting the ship, they have been spending it on updating a device that frankly, hasn’t exactly been selling like hotcakes in the market. No matter, all things aside, we enjoy our toys, and the PlayBook is no exception. Here is a quick look at some of the features:
  1. 7″ display at a resolution of 1024 x 600 pixels
  2. 1GHz dual core processor
  3. 1GB RAM
  4. 16GB, 32GB or 64GB storage
  5. 5MP rear facing camera and 3MP front facing camera (this is the best we have seen on a tablet)
  6. 1080P video recording
  7. 1 Micro USB port and 1 Micro HDMI port
  8. Weight: 0.9lbs
We have to mention that the PlayBook is no slouch. Think of it as an extension of a regular BlackBerry and it will make sense. It does multitasking really well which comes in handy with those pesky office emails or documents you might have to work on. And the battery life is fantastic. We didn’t have to charge it for over a week. We did feel there was a lot of wasted space on the borders of the device that could have used to increase the size of the display. Graphics need not necessarily play a big role while working on spreadsheets or Word type documents and this is definitely the case with the PlayBook. It could definitely use some work. Still, if you want to stay connected with your buddies, play games or watch videos, the PlayBook will suffice. Be warned though, it isn’t as smooth as other tablets and there is some lag when you try to scroll through your app list or say a list of videos on YouTube.
BlackBerry has the App World that lets you download your favorite apps (for the most part). This will keep you entertained for a while despite the lack of apps compared to the Apple store or Google Play. The newest version of the BlackBerry OS, 2.0, also has some cool features. You can switch an app you are viewing on a regular BlackBerry on to your PlayBook. Oh and you can use the BlackBerry as a keyboard too. In case you are running an older version of the BlackBerry OS and would like to upgrade to version 2.0, the process it pretty simple.
  1. Look for the Software Update notification icon and tap it.
  2. Click on the Download Now button on the dialog box that pops up.
The update will download and install itself. You can now enjoy the new features version 2.0 has to offer. Overall, we would say the BlackBerry PlayBook is a good device, but it could be a lot better. Considering RIMs recent woes, it would make sense for them to cut lose and give it their all. There is a reason why they were the answer to the corporate world’s prayers for communication and there is no reason why they can’t be again.
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The BlackBerry PlayBook is currently on sale in India for around Rs. 31,000 (~$600).

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