Looks like Christmas came early this year. The much awaited sequel from Apple is finally here. It is different. A lot different than the first one. It is slimmer, lighter, quicker and looks better. It is the new iPad. And it has already sold out. Such is the power the Apple moniker wields over the world market today. With soaring demand and share prices, Apples has some big shoes to fill (its own).
Under the hood a lot has changed. the iPad 2 has a new processor, front (VGA) and rear cameras (5MP HD), HDMI out and a couple of new sensors that will help with some of the new applications Apple is introducing along with the new iPad. Though lighter than its predecessor, it is still heavier than the comparable Samsung Galaxy Tab. The display resolution remains at 1024×768 but the processor is different which makes for a slightly better viewing experience. Multitasking is a breeze with the 1GB RAM and A5 chip (built in-house by Apple) that comes with the iPad. As for storage, the usual 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variants have not changed.
You still get all the wonderful support from the App Store, but at a price. Aside from the Motorola Xoom (which has better hardware albeit at a steep price), the iPad cost will definitely be a factor. Ranging from $499 to $699 for the WiFi only models depending on the storage size, it is definitely not cheap. The price goes up from $629 to an astounding $829 for the WiFi + 4G versions! Those are laptop and desktop replacement prices. But in the end that won’t matter. Despite their prices, all Apple products seem to be flying off the shelves. And we are sure the iPad 2 will be no exception.

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