We got our hands on the 13.3″ model of the Apple MacBook Pro and it does not disappoint. It is a big upgrade from the previous version and comes loaded with a lot of goodies. Upgrades include a larger battery, better display and a faster processor. We’ll take a closer look at Apple’s newest creation.

The 13.3″ MacBook Pro is very sleek, which is to be expected from Cupertino’s design department. There is very little clutter and from a layout and design perspective the machine looks very well thought out. It does stick with Apple’s design philosophy of turning their gadgets into works of art. Our Intel Core i5 powered machine came equipped with 4GB RAM, a 160GB SATA hard drive and HD webcam. From a performance stand point, editing images and videos works like a charm as does viewing videos and we did not notice much lag when running several applications all at once. The machine is very easy to handle and carrying it around is not a chore owing to its weight (or lack there of). The battery life was fantastic and we were able to squeeze out a little over 8 hours in one charge. Running Windows XP on it also worked quite well but got a little choppy when we pushed the processor by running several applications at once.

The screen on the MacBook Pro is definitely not the best in comparison to other laptops in the same range, and has a highly reflective glass layer over the LCD which increases the amount of reflection from items around. This does get annoying after a while. The in built speakers are also a disappointment and lacks bass or mid-range sound. You would be better off using a good pair of headphones with this puppy. And boy does the machine get hot after using it for a while. Using aluminum makes it look cool, but in practical usage you might even consider using a pair of gloves while using it! We also felt an electrical jolt a couple of times but it wasn’t too seriously.

Overall the MacBrook Pro is a good purchase. With an affordable price tag (for the 13.3″ model) from $1,199 to $1,399, many strengths in its build quality, battery life and performance, it would make a good addition (or possibly replacement) for your day to day digital usage.

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