No matter where you are in the world, most SUVs will never see terrain that they are meant to be driven on. They are purchased for the sake of luxury or in most cases, as a status symbol. Breaking the mold is no easy feat, but slowly, over time, it can be done. The Terra Tigers from Chennai are one such group that is attempting to break the myth about off roading that you will end up breaking something if you take your vehicle off road. Much to the surprise of a lot of people, with some skillful maneuvering and throttle management, it is good to see even 2WD vehicles hang with the generally tougher and purpose built 4WD vehicles, albeit on not so elevated terrain.
We were witness to the past event in which Renault also sent a couple of their vehicles, the Duster and the Koleos, to see how they perform in terrain and situations they normally would not come across. Needless to say, we were quite impressed and how both vehicles handled the obstacles through at them. Each does have its plus and minus points, the Duster with it’s ground clearance but lack of 4WD, the Koleos with 4WD but lack of ground clearance! They still made it through pits designed to check articulation, rock climbs and some slush without much fuss (although the Koleos did have a very hard time in the slush and had to get yanked out).
We also had the folks from Channel Ufx who were onsite filming a special on off roading in the area. It is good to see the word spread out and interest grow over time. They were treated to some spirited action across diverse terrain all in a short span of time. It will be interesting to see what their finished product looks like!
The SUV Off Road Excursions is not just for the hardcore driver. It is designed to be a family event where people can experience something their vehicle would normally not come across. This was evident in the attendance of the event where one could see children running around and the elderly relaxing in the shade. It also makes for a very endearing event and the general consensus across the group of participants was very positive. That is definitely good to see. These events are generally held once every couple of months so the experience stays fresh in everyone’s minds.
For more information on SUV Off Road Excursions, visit their Facebook page. For pictures from the event, click here. And do check out some of our videos below:


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